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Elf on the Shelf: Day 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16!

Clearly I have been a little behind with the Elf updates. Here are the last 5 days of fun!

Day 12:  Sparkly decorated our tree with a bunch of BUGS!! My 2 year old decided immediately that this was NOT the place for the bugs and took them off the tree. 

 Day 13: Sparkly is hanging out in this super water spot pot. (Anyone have any suggestions to avoid water spots?)
Day 14: Our elf had planed a fun event! There was a path leading to a gingerbread house in another room, which we made later that day. To make the foot prints just draw a foot shape on a piece of cardboard and trace it onto some white wrapping paper. Cut out all 1 million of the feet. Put a piece of double sided stick tape to the feet. Make sure to have the feet facing out. This most certainly is not a quick Elf activity but it is fun for the whole family!

We opted for the, "Who gives a fuck what our ginger bread house looks like?" look.

My daughter had lots of fun adding the candy everywhere on the house. 

My husband would like everyone to know that the house DOES NOT taste good! We even got him to add on some decorations.

Day 15: Just playing some Clouds and Sheep on my daughters tablet. 

Day 16: Hanging out in Daddy's boot.

Go here to view all of the other Elf on the Shelf activities we have done this year!

Anyone else out there participating in this fun yet creepy tradition that is sweeping the nation? Leave your ideas in the comments and be sure to check back frequently as I will be posting all of our Elf activities right here.

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