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Weird Wednesday: Eye Bombing!

Have you ever heard of yarn bombing? How about eye bombing? Well, this shit is hilarious  Basically all you do is stick a pair of googly eyes to something. It's creepy, it's awesome! I think I am going to start some eye bombing of my own.

Imagine walking around a store and seeing this.

Weird Wednesday

This is a tattoo from my left arm. I found this site The Creatures in my Head several years ago and new instantly that I wanted one of these characters as a tattoo. If you are not familiar with this site you should really check it out. Basically every day for several years now this guy draws a different character and puts the picture online. I just think it is super cool and cute and of course the characters are weird so they fit right in.

Weird Wednesday: Monster?

I almost forgot about Weird Wednesday! Here is a figure from a local artist. I think it may be a monster? I saw this in a tattoo shop, Enigma Tattoo Studios. I am not sure who made it, but it is made out of plastic ware.

If you have a picture you would like me to share for Weird Wednesday send me an email.

Weird Wednesday: Caterpillar

All over the blogging world today is wordless Wednesday. I thought I would change it up a bit and do a Weird Wednesday post. I searched through some of the pictures I have taken and found this little guy. I found him in our yard a few months ago. He is the most interesting little caterpillar I have ever seen. Normally we just little black ones with white stripes. Maybe next week I can find something a little weirder.