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About Me

Hi everyone!

I am Kristy. I am the mother of one amazing daughter Zoey and also the wife of one awesome guy Brian or BB muffins until he thinks of something better. Our daughter, born in March 2010, is full of energy. We are an atheist family. I work full time and the hubby stays at home. My goal is to be a teacher and one day that will happen. I still have to finish school.

My husband and myself enjoy everything nerdy. We love video games, science, science fiction, horror movies, Halloween and the list goes on and on. My husband also enjoys building gaming PC's and we are always looking for new people to play games with.
Before you ask, Star Trek or at least that would be my husbands choice. I had never seen either until we got together. I guess now I would choose Star Trek too.

My goal for this blog is to be real. I want to provide a real account of our life as we go through raising a our child, remodeling our first house, spending wisely or somewhat wisely, pretending I am an amazing crafter/baker and enjoying all things nerdy.

If you would like to know more send me an email: