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Biotrue Giveaway

I normally don't share these instant win games because there are so many and most times I never win. This is the second time I have won something from Biotrue. Anyway follow the link and vote and then spin the wheel to see if you win! Good luck, Have fun and be sure to come back and let us know if you win!

My Peacock Tie and Zazzle Store!

I am super excited to share this with you guys today. Nearly 4 years ago I started my very own Zazzle store!  In 2010 I sold my first item! I was extremely excited because I only had about 5 items in the store. The item was a tie with a close up of that peacock from our local park. I had put it up as a funny test design while I was learning how to use Zazzle. I had planned to use Zazzle for my wedding photography products.

Why would I bring this up now you ask? Well, a few days ago I sold the exact same item again. With the recent sale of my 2nd item in almost 4 years  I decided to revamp my Zazzle store and offer more products. I have added a ton of new items with images that I had taken when I was a photographer. I will definitely share that venture with you guys in the future. For now go check out my Real Weird Zazzle store for unique animal items and more.

I also wanted to share the Pro's and Con's of using Zazzle. You may know 1 of my New Year resolutions was to start an Etsy store. While I know this is VERY different, it is similar enough for me and much easier to use. My Zazzle store will sort of run itself. The main thing I have to do it list the items. I like that with the Zazzle there are no listing fees, you set the percentage you want to make, and it is easy to create items and customize your store. What I don't like about Zazzle is that the "pay" is pretty low and I can't sell handmade items. Overall Zazzle can be a great way to make a few extra bucks with minimal work.

Have you used Zazzle before to either buy something or sell something? What do you or don't you like about it?

Mailbox Monday

So, how about a Mailbox Monday? I got this box of cereal in the mail today from BzzAgent (more on them later). I also got a $15 Starbucks gift card in the mail from Huggies Enjoy the Ride program. That is all I can recall for this week, but I will keep better track for next week's Mailbox Monday! Did you get anything awesome in the mail?

Edit: I also received a special Target coupon book. I am still trying to determine how/why I got it. I think it is either because we moved into a house or because we now have Target grocery stores. Both of these things happened about the same time so I am not sure.

You're Not Going Anywhere Near my Face with That!

 So I am not quite sure where I want to go with this blog just yet. I don't know if I want to be a mom blogger who says words like fuck and somehow expects companies to throw free shit at me so I can give a super awesome review of it or if I want to post all of the really weird things that are real or if I want to pretend I am an awesome writer/crafter/organizer/couponer or whatever else so that people will flock to my blog in awe. In the meantime you(if there is anyone actually reading this regularly, ha) will get a random mix of everything I feel like sharing.

Today that involves these weird ass massage glasses. There is no way in hell** I would ever wear anything like this. Giant plastic rods pointing directly near my eyeballs? Also, why does this next photo involve a child? What purpose would a child have for such a torture device? Now if for some reason you are actually interested in purchasing these things they can be found over here and they only cost $14.05.

**Did I mention how I still use words/phrases like "no way in hell", "I swear to god", "OMG" and many more? I don't know, I still find these phrases useful. Maybe this should have been one of my new years resolutions? I mean you will NEVER catch me saying, "god bless you"...

No Taco Bell!

Really Taco Bell? I think this is a bit bold. How weird is it to get this on the damn taco sauce? 

Real Weird Nails!!!

Wow!! This is sooo cool. Someone has turned my logo into nail art! Okay okay they were not inspired by my site but these and all of the other nails over at Kayleighoc's Deviant Art page are really awesome!

Thanks to Geekologie for sharing this on their site for me to see!