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FREE Clear Product

Make sure to load this coupon to your Kroger card! For the last few weeks they have been giving away freebies so you will likely want to check back next Friday as well. I have already gotten 2 FREE jars of Tostitos Salsa, a FREE bag of Orville popcorn and now some Shampoo or Conditioner!!


My Bargains at CVS!

Did I mention I went shopping this morning? Here is what I bought at CVS on 1/27/2013! Right now when you spend $20 on select products you get $5 back in ECB. I did that deal for the coffee. Here is how it broke down.

I bought:
1 Tide $5.94
2 Starbucks DoubleShot Espressos 2 for $10
2 Starbucks Frappuccinos 2 for $10
1 TRESemme Shampoo $.99
1 TRESemme Conditioner $.99
1 Dove Trial Size Deodorant $1.27

Starting cost was $29.19.
I used:
$1.50/1 Tide Detergent, exp. 1/31/13 (P&G 12/30/12)
$2/2 TRESemme Shampoo or Conditioner from the CVS Coupon Machine
$1.50 Any Deodorant purchase from the CVS coupon Machine
I will also get $3 back into my Endorse account.
I got $6 ECB's. $5 for the coffee and $1 for the Tide.

Total cost: $15.19

Another to thing to note about the image are the StayFree items. I did buy those today with a rain check! My store ran out 2 weeks ago when they had the sale. I was able to use the rain check for the BOGO sale, the BOGO coupons and I had received a $2/2 StayFree or Carefree products. This allowed me to get 2 small packs and 2 big packs for $.50 since the coupon had a limit of $4.49. These and the ones made by Always that are Ultra Thin are my absolute fave so I was super happy about this deal. Always make sure to ask for a rain check so you don't miss out. Just be cautious about when your coupons expire.

Did you score any sweet bargains this week? I would love to hear about them!

Possible Free Oscar Mayer Selects!

You will want to make sure you grab this one. Once Oscar Mayer gets enough people to leave a Taste-A-Monial they will be mailing out a coupon for a FREE Oscar Mayer Carving Board packaged meat! I have tried some of the other flavors and we LOVE them! To score this coupon, just head on over to Oscar Mayers Facebook. Like them and submit your Taste-A-Monial to get on the coupon list! Even if this doesn't make it all the way to FREE $6.30 off should make for a darn good deal! Make sure to share this with all your friends so we can all get the FREE coupon!!!! Good luck, have fun!

20% off at Big Lots!

On Sat 1/26 customers with a Big Lots rewards card can get 20% off of their purchase. I love having a Big Lots just around the corner. I purchased my kitchen island from Big Lots the last time they offered the 20% off. It is just like the one below except for mine has a stainless steel top. Another great thing about Big Lots is that they tend to have holiday clearance several weeks after other stores so there is always a good deal to be found.

There are a few exclusions to what the coupon can be used on but not many. Eggs, dairy, and calling cards are just a few if you would like to see the full list make sure to check it out on the Big Lots website.

Bounty Paper Towels on Sale at Staples

UPDATE: My store was out of stock and I was not able to purchase any. I hope you guys were able to!
I know I just posted about the self inking stamp at Staples but I also wanted to share something else I am going to buy from Staples this week. This week they have a coupon out for an 8 pack of Bounty paper towels for only $4.00. This makes each roll only $.50 but you should also be able to use the $0.25/1 Bounty Towels, exp. 1/31/13 (P&G 12/30/12) coupon to get this for only $.47 per roll! My stock up price is $.50 so this is perfect and I am almost out of paper towels! :) Staples released several other coupons this week, you can check out the Staples coupons here. Make sure to stop by before 1/26 to snag this deal.

In general paper towels and toilet paper cost should be calculate by the square foot or some sort of length measurement. I haven't quite gotten to that point. If you have a stock price for these items let me know.

Customized Stamp $.99!

UPDATE: Staples is not honoring the free shipping. I received an email stating that I had to call them and pay shipping or my order would be cancelled.
I just had to share this with you guys. I love all things involving office supplies! Right now over at Staples you can get a customer self inking stamp for only $.99. You can even get FREE shipping if you upload your own image. My total came to $1.04 including tax. We just moved into our first home in August 2012, so I got an address stamp. The customization options are endless. A few other uses are "this book belongs to...", you could put your child's teachers name, "Good Job!" you can use it for presents by doing a "TO:...... FROM:..." kind of think and if you have not found a permanent settlement just yet you could always just put your names on it and hand write your address.

You can also shop through Ebates for 4% cash back, ShopatHome for 3% cash back or Upromise for 5% cash back!

Be sure to come back here and let me know what design you put on your stamp. Here is what I put, of course it has my actual address though.

Quick Giveaway: $20 to

UPDATE: Claimed!
The first person to send me an email at will receive a $20 promo code to There is no minimum purchase required to use this code. To win you must be following the blog in some sort of way (your choice). Just send me an email including your following method. This promo code does expire on 1-24 so be quick! I will update the post once it has been claimed. Have fun!

PS: If you weren't the first to email me and you are new to you can still save $10 off a $49 order or $20 off a $99 order and get free shipping with the code FRIEND0111.

$5 Sweet Frog Gift Card Giveaway

I decided to host Giveaway #2! I hope you all enjoy this one. Included will be a $5 Sweet Frog Gift Card, the 2 coupons above (thanks to BzzAgent!) and a random selection of coupons. The winner will actually get to send me an email telling me what their favorite coupons are and I will see what I can put together. The more specific the better!

Be sure to check out my Coupon Tips section and to enter my other giveaways.

Below is the entry form. This should make it much easier to enter. Please let me know if you have any issues with the form. There is not a certain required entry. You can choose any entry option from the list and may complete all of the entry options if you wish. Entries will be verified before winner is chosen.


My Bargains @ CVS! 1-13

Sorry, I didn't take a picture of this one, but I thought I would share my shopping trip for CVS the week of 1/13 to 1/19. Literally just as I had pulled into the parking spot I received an email from CVS letting me know I had gained $5 in ECB's for purchasing $50 worth of Beauty products! Talk about perfect timing. I did use the $5 ECB's today but I don't like to include ECB's in my total because I consider them "cash". By that I mean that when I plan my shopping trips I subtract my ECB's from what I pay at that time. When I use the ECB's later it is like "cash" because I already calculated the discount when I chose to buy the item that gave me the ECB's. Make sense? Anyway, here is what I did.

I bought:
2 -12 packs of Scott's 1000 Toilet Tissue
2 -Packs of Huggies 1 Snug and Dry and 1 Little Movers
Coupons I used:
-$1 off Scott 1000 Tissue, exp. 2/23/13 (SS 01/13/13 R)
-$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers, exp. 2/9/13 (SS 01/13/13 R)
-$2/1 Huggies Little Movers or Little Snuggies Diapers, exp. 2/9/13 (SS 01/13/13 R)
-I will also get back $5 in my Endorse account

OOP was $34.96 I got a $10 CVS cash card and $5 back into my Endorse account.
Total: $19.96

From the magic coupon machine (as Collen from Hip2Save says) I got a coupon for $2/2 Carefree or Stayfree items and $2.50 off any Hair Color purchase. Anyone have any good ideas for the hair color coupon?

My Bargains @ Target

I went to Target looking for the BIG drop in toy clearance. Should be going to 70% off any day now. I have my eye on a few Thomas the Train toys. It hasn't happened yet :( but here are some of the great bargains I found.

   $7.72 =$1.93*4 Jimmy Dean Delights
 -$8.00 =4*$2/1 Jimmy Dean Delights Product, exp. 2/17/13 (RP 01/06/13)
= -$.28 -Somehow Target allowed the overage this time.

   $5.49 1 Starbucks Doubleshot
- $3.00 into my Endorse account

$2.68 Pack of toddler socks with the rubber spots on the bottom.

Total was just $4.89 which is less than the cost of the Starbucks drinks!!

Did you find any awesome savings this week? I would love to hear about the deals you found at Target or anywhere else.

I went back today 1-17, and the toy clearance had dropped to 70%! Thanks to Totally Target for the heads up this morning. I was able to score about $150 worth of stuff for about $38! Also, not in the picture I was able to find 3 different pairs of night pants for about $3 each. :)

Check out the New Tab!

Look there is a new "Everything Else" tab at the top of this site. This is the place that I will post random stuff that I feel like sharing but I don't quite feel like it should be included in the main blog. So far you can find links to my nail art, some coupon/saving stuff, and a list of places to enter giveaways or list blog giveaways. Be sure to check this out frequently as all of these items will constantly be updated. If there is anything you would like to see here just let me know.

Have I Mentioned I like to Coupon?

As a part of my resolution to organize Because my drawer was too fucking full to put anything else in it, I decided it was time to clean out some of the coupons! There they are about 9 months worth of coupons (do you see my AWESOME label maker in the background :)). I usually keep the whole years worth of coupons but thanks to True Couponing I will no longer be doing that. If you follow that link you can see a current list of the expired coupons. They update and re-post the list quite frequently. I think I will check back every 4 months or so to keep the coupon drawer light and clean. I SO wish I would have found this sooner.

Just a bit of coupon insert saving back story... I have been couponing for about 2 years now and have tried many different ways of doing it. I have tried the binder method and the don't cut anything until you need it method. In the end I found that a combination of the 2 worked best for me.

Each week when the paper arrives I will go through it and find the coupons I know I am likely to use and cut them out. I store those in a pencil type zipper bag in my purse. One side has the grocery type coupons and the other side has anything else that is not food. Since I don't cut out that many I keep them with me always (we are pretty sporadic when it comes to grocery shopping). Whatever I do not cut out I keep stored, by month, in my file drawer. Whenever I see a good deal online I can go right to the drawer, pull the insert and cut any extra coupons I need.

Make sure to check out all of my other coupon tips and leave a comment below with another coupon tips you have.


Xmas 2012!

Ok, so this should be the last post about Xmas until next year. Here are the rest of the Xmas related things we have done.

Here is our tree again! I LOVE the black and white but I think it might be time for a change. I want to keep a white tree. NOT this one thought. I HATE it. It is thin and leaning and the branches are ugly. What I really wanted was the white Xmas tree at Garden Ridge with the glitter on the branches. That bitch cost $200 bucks and apparently anyone else who wanted a white tree wanted that one too because my local Garden Ridge sold the last one right in front of my eyes. :( I was hoping to catch it on an after Xmas sale.

Hopefully I have made it clear at this point that I am a couponer! I love to coupon and also request free samples. What you see above are 3 gift bags for family members completely made of things I have gotten for free with a coupon or a free sample. I collect these things through out the year and at the end of the year whatever I dont think I will use I give away. These can include all kinds of things toothpaste, deodorant  hair brush, cosmetic bag, baby shampoo, make up and even socks. I never do this as the main gift but so far they have been pretty well received by my family. Last year because I was a bit more into couponing and less stressed about my job status and home buying, I was able to give a filled stocking to each person about 7 people. This year I did a bag per house.

So this is pretty random but I just thought I would share it. I could not think of a cute way to wrap batteries or to give someone batteries. I mean who wants to open batteries any way? Well, I decided to just tie them together with a little ribbon and toss them in on of the bags above for my brother in law and his wife. Nothing special but I think it looks better than 2 loose batteries. Come to think of it why the hell did I give them just 2 batteries? I mean that was all the toy need but still maybe I should have wrapped the whole pack with ribbon? Any other suggestions for batteries? Do you even give the batteries or do you just let the parents work that out later?

We also went to look at all the pretty lights in the neighborhood. I hope that we can do this every year! It something that is free (or mostly free becuase of the gas) and it is nice to ride around and listen to Xmas music and look at the lights. This was by fay my favorite house! You could see it from a few streets over and  all of the lights in the tree twinkled in and out. Look at those giant statues with glowing eyes! 

One of the most fun things Zoey and I did was make Xmas cards. Inside of each one I drew an Xmas tree and had her color the "ornaments" on or we glued different shaped sequins on for the ornaments. I had lots of fun being completely random and attempting to be creative. I hope the recipients liked them!

Label Maker OMG!

So for a few months now I have been eyeing a label maker. I have been searching for a great sale on one that included the AC adapter, apparently that doesn't exist. :( I was asked by my sister what I wanted for xmas and this was the first thing that came to mind! I am so glad she bought this for me (thanks sis!). Now I don't have to spend time choosing one and being super picky! So in celebration of my NEW label maker and my LOVE for organizing things I thought I would make this post about the things I have been organizing over the last week or so!

In August we moved into our 1st home and the spare bedroom had turned into a junky storage room instead of MY craft room (and our game room). Last week I finally got around to getting the moving boxes out of there and cleaning the room up! Above you can see the main storage for all of my crafty things. I used the new label maker to make it easy for me to sort all the bits and pieces.

I have a small 12x12 clear box to store my scrapbook paper and other little extras for paper crafting. (I'm not a scrapbooker btw, I did make my xmas cards this year though.)

So maybe this doesn't really relate but... I also moved all of my user manuals from the cute, little, overstuffed, annoying binder above to the perfect little file folder below!

In my daughters room I use a coat rack on the clothing bar to keep her gazillion pairs of sunglasses and a few necklaces. I am probably the only one in the world who doesn't hang up clothes. Well, maybe just a few things, but they are all in my closet.

Last but not least my "stockpile". As a couponer people always seem to think I have a huge garage filled with  20 thousand bottles of whatever that I will never use. Luckily for me that is not true. I do have more than most I am sure. You might be able to see the 10 deodorants and the 10 shampoos and the 10 body wash but by having at least that many of those items I don't have to worry about couponing every single week. Now that I have some items saved up I can take a coupon vacation! Ahhh just relaxing... Just kidding. I still try to use coupons at the grocery store but I don't have to try so hard now, because I have these items on hand.