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How to Track your Giveaways

For many bloggers, hosting a giveaway can help get traffic to your blog. Once things get going you may find yourself posting giveaways quite frequently. As a part of my New Year resolution I am going to be more organized so, I created a simple form to help me keep track of my giveaways and the winners. There are sections to track the company I am working with, the prize and the winner information. I thought I would share it here just in case someone else was looking for a way to track giveaways on their blog.

If you are like me and like most bloggers just starting out you are probably watching your Alex Page Rank and hopping for something awesome to happen. No? Well, I can't possibly remember all of the numbers I see when I check the page. I am not sure a paid subscription is what I need this early in the blogging stage. So, I made myself a simple spreadsheet to keep up with my numbers once a month or so. It also automatically calculates the difference in the new number and the previous number for the overall rank and the US ranking. Here is the page rank tracker just in case you might want to give it a try.

I also made a tracker for all of my affiliate links. Each sheet is a different category. Just click the link to be taken to Google Docs where you can access the spreadsheet. They certainly are not the prettiest but they are functional. :)  Feel free to share any blogging tips you may have. Trying to come up with a spreadsheet to help you along the way? Just let me know, I would be glad to help! What do you use to manage your blog?

Be sure to check out my current giveaways.

Need help with your blog or need a blog button? I would be glad to help! Just leave me a comment or send me an email. :)

13 for '13!

So I have been contemplating whether or not I should create and post some New Years resolution or not. The idea to me is kind of silly. If I want to change something why not start right away? Why wait to use new years as a prerequisite of changing for the better? Then I thought well, I haven't started doing anything different yet... I don't normally just set goals (is that weird?). So without further ado here is my list. 13 things I will try to work on for 2013.

1. Blog more! (So far I think I am off to a good start.)
2. Take at least 1 picture a week. (Many people try to do a picture a day, that to me is not realistic. Hell, I not even sure I will remember to do it every week.)
3. Finish the list of repairs/upgrades we have planned for our house. (This one is a little out there.)
4. Organize EVERYTHING! (Ok, maybe not everything)
5. Start school again. (My eyes are set on Summer session but at the latest the Fall.)
6. Finish my tattoo sleeve.
7. Potty Train my 2 year old (She will be 3 in March. Maybe this should be my number 1 resolution!)
8. See a museum or attraction that I have never seen before.
9. Lose some weight? (I don't plan on starting any time soon but I should so maybe if it is listed here I will feel obligated to?)
10. Open an Etsy store. (I have been wanting to do this for a while but I am concerned that I would spend more money listing items than I would actually make.)
11. Get my savings account back to where it was BEFORE we bought this house in August 2012.
12. Go see a movie in a movie theater. (Sounds easy, right? Not when you have a little one and are "against?" baby sitters.)
13. Become pro at HTML or CSS or whatever. (Maybe not pro but there is definately more I would like to know.)

How do you feel about setting goals? or New Year Resolutions? What is your resolution list? Leave it in the comments!