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My Newest Freebie!

I just released my newest FREEBIE just in time for Valentine's Day! It is a set of 38 colorful hearts. I hope you enjoy it and find many uses for these cute littler hearts!

The Valentine's Day freebie can be downloaded from my TpT store. No credit is required to use these images. If you make something be sure to comeback and share what you made!

Teachers pay Teachers Sale!

Right now there is a HUGE sale going on over at Teachers Pay Teachers. Today is the last day to save. I am so excited to have made a couple of sales. I am still in my first month with TpT! I was able to get 3 new products posted just in time. The previews for each product includes a FREE Digital Scrapbook Paper and all of my products can be used for Commercial Use!
Enjoy and Have FUN!

I am off to put up some Christmas decorations!

$1 Julep Nail Polish

If you LOVE nail polish as much as I do then you will want to keep reading!!! Right now over on you can score 1 nail polish for just $1 and $0 shipping! I have never personally tried this brand before but I have read great things about it. Regular price on this nail polish is $14, so this is a great deal! There are 4 colors to choose from purple, sparkly navy, mauve, and light blue. Once you choose your color you will need to enter BLACKFRIDAY in the promo code spot. Enjoy!

My Idea for Old Alphie Cards

A few years ago we bought our daughter an Alphie because it was on sale and she loved robots. We did not expect her to use it for learning right away because she was only about 2 when she received it. From then until recently Alphie has been abused. He has been dropped, slobbered on, and thrown. His speech became garbled and eventually he could no longer talk. Unfortunately, even after multiple trips to the "hospital" he didn't make it. Me, being the great deal shopper that I am had already picked up 3 sets of cards to go with Alphie. After his demise I began to think about how I could use those cards that I already purchased. Here is what I came up with.

I decided to take some of the cards and cut them up. Now we can use these Alphie cards for our own little learning games. These Alphie Booster pack include all sorts of fun things to do. There are matching cards, numbers, letter sounds, colors, rhyming words, and even musical instruments.

I am a Graphics Designer!

For years now (lets say 4ish) I have been working with digital images. Learning bits and pieces about editing software as I went along. I even had a job where I was the only graphics designer employed at the company for a while. Personally, I never felt comfortable using that label. I had never tried to create something completely from scratch. I had never made an animal or a pumpkin or anything. Most of things I created before just involved some cute fonts and colors.

Well look at me now!!!! I am so exciting about the images, that I spent the last 5 days creating! Hopefully, I will begin to feel more comfortable referring to myself as a graphics designer. I mean look at all of these cute thanksgiving things. I know there are tones of other people who do this better than me, but that doesn't mean I'm not doing it or don't deserve that label. Right?

I created this for my Teachers pay Teachers store. I hope you all like them as much as I do. Hopefully my Snowy Winter pack will be just as cute and available by my personal deadline (Thanksgiving). Check out my store, On the way to Mrs. Bearfield's Class and tell me what you think.

My 1st Teachers Pay Teachers Freebie!

I am super excited about this new challenge! If you know me, you know that I am currently studying to be an Elementary School Teacher but I have a long way to go. I also teach my 3 year old, who can now recognize 20 words btw. I am constantly creating worksheets and other fun things to help her learn. Once I heard about Teachers Pay Teachers I knew that it was a perfect match for me!

If you are not familiar with this site, they create a marketplace for lesson plans and other educational products created by teachers, for teachers! TPT also requires that every seller lists at least 1 product for free! I think that is one of the best features of the site.

With all of that being said I have finally launched my own Teachers pay Teachers store, On the way to Mrs. Bearfield's Class!

The store title has a double meaning for me. I am on the way to becoming a teacher and having my own class and once I have my class I will likely use many of the items from my store. Cute right?

Currently my store only has 3 items but I already have several other packets that I am working on, so keep checking back! I also hope to post a few tutorials to help others get started in the future! Hopefully once my store is more full I can host a few giveaways too!

FREE Chic fil A Breakfast!

Check it out! If you are near a Chic fil A make sure to RSVP for your free entree! I signed up to get a FREE chicken sandwich before class on Saturday. There are many times and dates available.

Stay tuned for a why I have a love/hate relationship with Chic-fil-A. :)

FREE Gatorade!

 Wahoo!!! Today ONLY Kroger is offering a FREE Gatorade Recover Shake! Just make sure to load the coupon today and you should have about a week to redeem it! Check out these other post about all of the FREE Friday offers Kroger has had.

1st Note from an Atheist, I Assume!

As I was leaving the Target parking lot I saw someone walking away from my car. I instantly thought it was some religious person leaving me nice note about how Jesus loves me. I was so happy to be wrong! Above is the actual note I received! I love it! Penis and all. I feel that this person is most likely an Atheist too! How awesome we are so rare. :)

I an not a reddit person. I think that is where the DAE le comes from? Someone let me know....

I'll Just Leave this Here

I don't expect to actually make my goal or even land a single donation but I thought I would post the link just in case.

I started a gofundme site in hopes to gain enough funds to be able to afford to go to school full time and finally graduate. Thanks!

PlayStation Plus Membership Only $39.99!

Wahoo!!! If you have been thinking about joining PlayStation plus NOW is definitely the time. Best Buy is currently offering a $10 off discount when you buy a 12 month subscription. You pay $39.99 for a whole year! It is sooo worth it because PlayStation gives away several FREE games a month to members and there are so many other PlayStation plus perks. Recently we got Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, BioShock 2, Borderlands, and several others. 

Here is the link to the PlayStation plus membership on Best Buy.

FREE Kroger Friday!

It's that time again! Kroger is offering a FREE Ultimate Helpers product coupon today only! Make sure to save this coupon to your Kroger Card today and then they normally give you a few days to use the coupon. Check out my last Kroger Freebie post to see what else I have scored for FREE from Kroger.

Have you taken advantage of any of these Kroger Freebies?

WTH Applebee's?

I am not sure what Applebee's was thinking with this marketing campaign. When I first got this email I thought it was a blow up doll. I mean it is but they are marketing it as a lunch decoy. Luckily, there is a little video to go with the lunch decoy or else minds might wander.

What do you think about it? How good are their lunch combos?

Yay for Target!!

Anytime I wake up early (before everyone else in the house) I usually go shopping! My go to store is normally Target. I can always find something on sale. I have been looking for a printer for a few days now and unfortunately had no luck finding something that was affordable and not made by HP. At Target today they had an Epson printer on sale for $39.99! The ink for the printer cost a few bucks more than my HP ink normally did but really I am just DONE with HP.

Since I knew I had PLENTY of time before anyone in my house woke up, I decided to look at few other things. I had received some coupons from Target via text message and a few in the mail. I wanted to see if I could spot any good deals to pair with those coupons and of course I did!!

I had a coupon for $1 off of 4 Up and Up school supplies that I used to get 2 rulers and 2 24 packs of crayons for FREE since each item was $.25! They also had glue and glue sticks for $.30 so still pretty cheap after the $1 coupon. I had another coupon for $1 off ground beef and to my surprise there were several ground beef packs with a $2 off coupon right on the front. So I was able to get 1lb of ground beef for only $1.19! Another mobile coupon was $2 off a bath towel. I was able to pick up the Room Essentials bath towel for $1.75 with that coupon. I had been wanting to try this towel for a LONG time and I am so pleased with it. It dries really quickly and is super soft. I can't wait to see how it feels after a few washes.

If you want to get the Target coupons all you have to do is TEXT  "HELP" to "827438" or you can go to the Target mobile site on your computer and put in your info.

Did you snag any great deals this weekend?

School Supplies!!!!

YAY!!! I LOVE this time of year. Maybe it is my desire to be a teacher or my love for couponing but I love shopping for school supplies. This year the sales have already begun! I was able to snag an 8 pack of pretty colored pens for only $.25!! I will try to keep you up to date on some of the really awesome sales but if I can't keep up (which is likely to happen), I wanted to talk about my FAVORITE couponing and deal site,! I have been following this site for several years and I am SO thankful to have found it. Collin over at Hip2Save recently posted a school supply shopping guide. This guide includes the price points for all the school supplies you could ever need.

Have you started school supply shopping yet? What great deals do you hope to score?

FREE Clear Product

Make sure to load this coupon to your Kroger card! For the last few weeks they have been giving away freebies so you will likely want to check back next Friday as well. I have already gotten 2 FREE jars of Tostitos Salsa, a FREE bag of Orville popcorn and now some Shampoo or Conditioner!!


Nail Designs Added to my Nail Gallery!

While I have been very busy with so many changes I have had time to paint my nails. Here are some of the designs I have done over the last few months. If you want to see things I plan on trying you can check out my Pinterest board for Nail Designs. Enjoy!

This is what i did for St. Patrick's Day. I wanted to try a few other designs but never got around to it.

Here is my Easter design. I wanted to do bunnies on all fingers but since the first one didn't turn out so great I decided not to. I tried Easter eggs on my middle finger but that didn't work out so well either. I started with a light blue base and sponged the green onto the bottom. Kinda looks like grass right?

Have any simple nail ideas to try or have a Nail Design Pinterest Board of your own? Share it in the comments!

An Update and Some Gardening!

Remember that internship I got a few post back? Well that turned in a promotion! Which for me meant another new schedule. I have been working 5 days a week from 4pm to 12:30am. On a better note, another schedule should be happening any day now. I will be on a more normal schedule. I am also planning to take a class this summer and some more in the fall. I hope all of this will allow some time for blogging. Anyway, on to the fun Spring things we've got going on!

I wanted to share how I made these cute little seed starters. These little pots are super easy to make and you likely have all of the supplies on hand!

What you will need:
-Newspaper/or any other paper really
-A spice bottle or another cylindrical object

Cut your paper into strips. The width will vary depending on how tall you want your pots. My widths were about 5 to 7 inches and the length should be able to wrap around your spice bottle twice. About 12 inches.

Wrap the paper around the spice bottle. Leave some excess off the bottom. Tape the part you just wrapped around down (about where my thumb is below).

Fold up the bottom. This process is similar to folding up the bottom of a penny roll. You want to tape that part down too.

Pull the newspaper off of the spice bottle and viola! You have your very own little newspaper seed starters. Fill them with dirt and some seeds!

Here are our little flowers coming up! I planted Poppies and Johnny Jump-ups. The Poppies are not showing yet. These cups hold up quite well, even in the pouring rain.

What sort of things have you been planting this year? Share it in the comments!