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My Idea for Old Alphie Cards

A few years ago we bought our daughter an Alphie because it was on sale and she loved robots. We did not expect her to use it for learning right away because she was only about 2 when she received it. From then until recently Alphie has been abused. He has been dropped, slobbered on, and thrown. His speech became garbled and eventually he could no longer talk. Unfortunately, even after multiple trips to the "hospital" he didn't make it. Me, being the great deal shopper that I am had already picked up 3 sets of cards to go with Alphie. After his demise I began to think about how I could use those cards that I already purchased. Here is what I came up with.

I decided to take some of the cards and cut them up. Now we can use these Alphie cards for our own little learning games. These Alphie Booster pack include all sorts of fun things to do. There are matching cards, numbers, letter sounds, colors, rhyming words, and even musical instruments.

Chuck E. Cheese's Double Tickets

We are planning on taking our daughter to Chuck E. Cheese's on her birthday in March. This will be her first time! Of course when I decided that this was what we were going to do I imediately signed up for their email list. Signing up for a company email list is the best way to ensure that you are in the know. They have sent me some pretty good coupons so far and I keep an eye on the ones that are often in my paper. Tonight they sent me an email with offer to earn double tickets just for playing their online games! I went right over to check it out and I have to say the games were pretty easy but fun. They are probably not made for adults. lol The easiest one is the Chuck E. Rocks game I got 99% both times I played which awarded me 50 tickets! As long as I bring in the certificate before March 31st I can redeem it for 100 tickets!!! There are 3 other games to play a Skee-ball, Ticket Blaster, and Chuck E. Blocks.

I had 2 of my childhood birthdays there, the first when I was 10 and the second when I was 16! I had a blast both times and I hope Zoey enjoys it too! Did you ever celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese's?

Lady Bug Nail Art

I painted these cute lady bugs for my daughter this morning. I had barely just finished and the pointer got smudged. Note to self: paint 2 year old's nails when she is sleeping. The design is pretty easy to do. Paint a base coat (red). Draw a T, with the top of the T being thicker (black). Add black dots on both sides. Add 2 white dots for the eyes and then 2 black dots on top of that.

Be sure to check out all of the other nail designs we have done.

13 for '13!

So I have been contemplating whether or not I should create and post some New Years resolution or not. The idea to me is kind of silly. If I want to change something why not start right away? Why wait to use new years as a prerequisite of changing for the better? Then I thought well, I haven't started doing anything different yet... I don't normally just set goals (is that weird?). So without further ado here is my list. 13 things I will try to work on for 2013.

1. Blog more! (So far I think I am off to a good start.)
2. Take at least 1 picture a week. (Many people try to do a picture a day, that to me is not realistic. Hell, I not even sure I will remember to do it every week.)
3. Finish the list of repairs/upgrades we have planned for our house. (This one is a little out there.)
4. Organize EVERYTHING! (Ok, maybe not everything)
5. Start school again. (My eyes are set on Summer session but at the latest the Fall.)
6. Finish my tattoo sleeve.
7. Potty Train my 2 year old (She will be 3 in March. Maybe this should be my number 1 resolution!)
8. See a museum or attraction that I have never seen before.
9. Lose some weight? (I don't plan on starting any time soon but I should so maybe if it is listed here I will feel obligated to?)
10. Open an Etsy store. (I have been wanting to do this for a while but I am concerned that I would spend more money listing items than I would actually make.)
11. Get my savings account back to where it was BEFORE we bought this house in August 2012.
12. Go see a movie in a movie theater. (Sounds easy, right? Not when you have a little one and are "against?" baby sitters.)
13. Become pro at HTML or CSS or whatever. (Maybe not pro but there is definately more I would like to know.)

How do you feel about setting goals? or New Year Resolutions? What is your resolution list? Leave it in the comments!