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Mailbox Monday 2/17/2013

Wahoo! This was an awesome freebie week. Well I guess any week where I get something FREE is awesome! Right? My apologies for the crappy pictures not sure what is going on with that. Anyway here is what I got this week. My business cards and I must tell you these are VERY nice. I have previously received cards from Vista Print and these are way better. The ones at Vista Print seem like they are printed on a thinner card stock. These from are thick and look very nice.

I also got ANOTHER BzzKit from BzzAgent! This one is for the new NESCAFE Memento coffee. I LOVE coffee and this seems delicious. Can't wait to try and trust me I am sure I will be back to tell you all about it!

Zoey received her FREE circus ticket from Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey. I was supper excited about this because she LOVES the circus. We are actually going on Thursday! I have already purchased our tickets so this arrived a little too late. BUT the great thing about the FREE circus ticket is that it can be used at any time! There is no expiration date. You just have to make sure you request before your child turns 12 months. It is a part of their Baby's First Circus Program. How cool is that?

A local gas station sent me some coupons for FREE items. They included a FREE carwash, fountain drink, coffee, and hot dog!

Mailbox Monday! 2/11/2013

Time for another Mailbox Monday! I apologize I have not been keeping great track this week. This was however and a pretty good freebie week. As you can see from above I got a sample pack from Emergen-C which included a coupon too! My daughters birthday is March 18 so Toys R Us sent us a $5 off a $25 purchase. Kroger sent me a nice group of coupons. Which included 2 FREE items coupons and several other awesome coupons for things I use. I also got another BzzAgent kit for Kroger Carbmaster products. I can take a picture though because I lost that shit. :( I think it might be in the car. I HOPE!!

In addition to those freebies I also received 2 checks this week. I received a $28.88 check from Ebates and a $35.85 check from ShopAtHome. If you are not familiar with these sites, you should be! They are awesome. I get check likes these every few months for things I would already be purchasing. Basically before I purchase anything online I check these sites to see who is offering more cash back for a certain store. I also check since they now have a standard payout option instead of just paying toward a student loan or 529. Upromise is great because they always offer 5% for any participating retailer.

I would love to see what I may have missed out on this week. Link up in the Mailbox Monday Linky below or leave a comment with what you got this week!!

Mailbox Monday! 2/03/2013

This week I got a cute little "i know" bracelet and a 10% off Lowes coupon!

This week I also got my newest BzzAgent kit! This kit included one of the NEW Schick Hydro Silk razors with 1 refill and 8 $5 off coupons to pass out! At least 1 will be included in my giveaway. I really wanted to include a before and after photo for this one. It would have been just too embarrassing.  Not to worry thought the 2 giant hairy caterpillars hiding in my pants legs are gone! Whew! (TMI?) I will say this razor is awesome. I HATE shaving because I ALWAYS get razor burn which is horrible. With this razor I did get razor burn but it only lasted for one day which is certainly a step above the norm. I only cut myself once which is also a step above the norm! I chalk that up to the razor too because I shave like a mad man. I mean I have to. That is the only way to get rid of the giant caterpillars. lol

Mailbox Monday! 1/28

In my mailbox this week I got an 8 load sample of method laundry detergent. I am interested to see how well this stuff works. That little bottle is only half full. It came with a $2 off coupon! I also got another Starbucks gift card this one was from the Disney Reward program. That program is actually pretty cool. I have not bought a single Disney DVD but they give out free codes so frequently I have been able to get several FREE gift cards.

Mailbox Monday!

Just as I promised, I kept better track of my mailbox freebies this week. One of the most AWESOME things I received for free was the Samsung Note 2 case and TecTiles for my husbands phone. The retail price on the Samsung case is $39.99 and the TecTiles are $14.99. This offer was available for a short time for customers who had purchased a Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy S3.
What the heck are TecTiles? They are actually pretty cool. TecTiles are small programmable square stickers. You can program them to change all sorts of settings on your phone or start applications and alarms. We plan to put one in the car. When we turn on NFC and touch our phone to the square it will automatically turn on Bluetooth, open the music player and start playing music! How sweet is that?

I also received a Kroger coupon book with 4 coupons, a sheet of Disney stickers, a CPU magazine and a BOGO John Frieda coupon.

Wanna see what I got in my mailbox last week?

Share your mailbox goods in the linky below! I would love to hear about the awesome things you received.
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