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My Peacock Tie and Zazzle Store!

I am super excited to share this with you guys today. Nearly 4 years ago I started my very own Zazzle store!  In 2010 I sold my first item! I was extremely excited because I only had about 5 items in the store. The item was a tie with a close up of that peacock from our local park. I had put it up as a funny test design while I was learning how to use Zazzle. I had planned to use Zazzle for my wedding photography products.

Why would I bring this up now you ask? Well, a few days ago I sold the exact same item again. With the recent sale of my 2nd item in almost 4 years  I decided to revamp my Zazzle store and offer more products. I have added a ton of new items with images that I had taken when I was a photographer. I will definitely share that venture with you guys in the future. For now go check out my Real Weird Zazzle store for unique animal items and more.

I also wanted to share the Pro's and Con's of using Zazzle. You may know 1 of my New Year resolutions was to start an Etsy store. While I know this is VERY different, it is similar enough for me and much easier to use. My Zazzle store will sort of run itself. The main thing I have to do it list the items. I like that with the Zazzle there are no listing fees, you set the percentage you want to make, and it is easy to create items and customize your store. What I don't like about Zazzle is that the "pay" is pretty low and I can't sell handmade items. Overall Zazzle can be a great way to make a few extra bucks with minimal work.

Have you used Zazzle before to either buy something or sell something? What do you or don't you like about it?