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First iReport on CNN!

Wow! I just posted my first iReport on CNN. Ok, really it is not that big of a deal since anyone can do this. Here is the link if you are interested.

Is it time?

<p>With my classes about to end I thought now would the PERFECT time to get started on this blog. I will hopefully be able to post on a consistant basis. This is mainly in part to the fact that I remembered that they actually make Bloggers apps for my super awesome Galaxy S 2!

Look for some exciting stories and random blurbs from me coming even more soon than before.

Also if you think I am lame (not possible btw) then help me out! I would love to have several awesome people with cool stories posting here!


Messages from Above!

I found this note on my car about a year ago when I was leaving a Micheal's store. I have also had people scream at me while driving down the road.

My License Plate

I have had this license plate on and off of my car for about 4 years now. I was very happy that Atheist was already taken, so I went with second best.