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Art? No! It's Just Weird! (and real)

On January 20th 2012 I was taking a normal stroll through Target and happened upon THIS! I know what the painting is trying to say, but really it just sucks. Why the fuck would Target sell something like this? Did they even actually sell one? What a dumb kid. She has all this yummy fruit around her and she decides to eat some PAPER? Please share your thoughts about this ridiculous piece of shit.

A Free Book?

 This time I was left a free book! This was left on my car about a month ago, I cannot recall what store I was at when I received this. The title is "For Your Joy" and yet I do not think reading this will make me happy.

 The book had this stamp on the first page. This belongs to a local church.

Check out the awesome sections of the little book. This book is too silly. It does not even take into consideration the actual reasons people do not believe in god.