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1st Note from an Atheist, I Assume!

As I was leaving the Target parking lot I saw someone walking away from my car. I instantly thought it was some religious person leaving me nice note about how Jesus loves me. I was so happy to be wrong! Above is the actual note I received! I love it! Penis and all. I feel that this person is most likely an Atheist too! How awesome we are so rare. :)

I an not a reddit person. I think that is where the DAE le comes from? Someone let me know....

Elf on the Shelf Non-Religious Option?

Sorry this one is a bit late. I had been too lazy to take a picture for this post.

Being an Atheist, it is important for me not to include anything about Jesus in our Holiday celebrations. She is much to young to be able to understand that type of information. Because of this I normally pre-read any holiday books before choosing them to read to our 2 year old. Unfortunately, I did not do this with the Elf on the Shelf book. On page one page there was a line that read "I won't get to tell him that you've said your prayers". We decided to take that part out and change the words to "I won't get to tell him that you've said your pleases and thank yous". As you can see I used my new label maker to make it appear seamless. ;)

Another thing I didn't really like about the book was that the elf seems like a tattle tale. We chose to have our elf be more of a sneaky jokester, similar to a leprechaun. Hopefully by next year I can find a better book to introduce Sparkly!

What do you like or don't like about the Elf on the Shelf? Have any great Elf on the Shelf activities to share? Put it all in the comments!

How Does an Atheist Decorate for X-mas?

With a black and white tree of course! Well, actually you can decorate however you like. Yes, I celebrate Xmas and I use "Xmas". I like to you use Xmas because it takes the Christ out of Christmas and people think that is ridiculous. Last night I was preparing the advent type events for my 2 year old to celebrate and started to think about why my husband and I choose to celebrate Xmas. The only answer I could truly think of was because it's fun! Who doesn't like to open a ton presents?

Really Old Man!


Today an old man stopped me in the street to tell me that I needed to learn how to spell. Well, I think he needs to realize that it is a license plate. You think I don't know how to spell? NO! Atheist was already taken! I'm glad it was taken too. 

Art? No! It's Just Weird! (and real)

On January 20th 2012 I was taking a normal stroll through Target and happened upon THIS! I know what the painting is trying to say, but really it just sucks. Why the fuck would Target sell something like this? Did they even actually sell one? What a dumb kid. She has all this yummy fruit around her and she decides to eat some PAPER? Please share your thoughts about this ridiculous piece of shit.

A Free Book?

 This time I was left a free book! This was left on my car about a month ago, I cannot recall what store I was at when I received this. The title is "For Your Joy" and yet I do not think reading this will make me happy.

 The book had this stamp on the first page. This belongs to a local church.

Check out the awesome sections of the little book. This book is too silly. It does not even take into consideration the actual reasons people do not believe in god.

Another Note

It's nice to know someone believes in me. JK this is from someone who is not real. This was left on my car when I was grocery shopping. I think.

First iReport on CNN!

Wow! I just posted my first iReport on CNN. Ok, really it is not that big of a deal since anyone can do this. Here is the link if you are interested.

Messages from Above!

I found this note on my car about a year ago when I was leaving a Micheal's store. I have also had people scream at me while driving down the road.

My License Plate

I have had this license plate on and off of my car for about 4 years now. I was very happy that Atheist was already taken, so I went with second best.