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Who Put Glass in Your Cupcakes?

A few weeks ago I brought some cupcakes to work with glass and blood in them. They were a HUGE hit. I was asked to make them for a friends Halloween party and for another friends son's birthday party. I learned how to make hardy candy for these, which is not as difficult as I thought. I decided I would post a tutorial on how to make them. At this point I have made these cupcakes 3 times this month. I have think I have gotten better each time!


Endorse is a really neat android app for earning money. I have been using it for about a one month and already have $16.29 bucks! The process of using this app and making money is quite simple. First, go here to sign up and download the app. Review the offers listed. Go shopping at the store. Scan your receipt with the app and submit it.

There are normally about 5 to 10 offers available and you can do one or all of them. My favorite offers are the 50% off of diapers and/or coffee. Sometimes the offers will have certain limits. For example the diaper offer has been available a few times and it is normally 50% off up to $5. Meaning if you buy a $10 pack of diapers you will get a $5 reward! The great thing is once you have collected $25 in rewards you can "Cash Out" and have a check mailed or receive funds via Paypal!

Have you used Endorse? Comment below letting me know how you like it or don't like it.

Really Old Man!


Today an old man stopped me in the street to tell me that I needed to learn how to spell. Well, I think he needs to realize that it is a license plate. You think I don't know how to spell? NO! Atheist was already taken! I'm glad it was taken too.