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My Idea for Old Alphie Cards

A few years ago we bought our daughter an Alphie because it was on sale and she loved robots. We did not expect her to use it for learning right away because she was only about 2 when she received it. From then until recently Alphie has been abused. He has been dropped, slobbered on, and thrown. His speech became garbled and eventually he could no longer talk. Unfortunately, even after multiple trips to the "hospital" he didn't make it. Me, being the great deal shopper that I am had already picked up 3 sets of cards to go with Alphie. After his demise I began to think about how I could use those cards that I already purchased. Here is what I came up with.

I decided to take some of the cards and cut them up. Now we can use these Alphie cards for our own little learning games. These Alphie Booster pack include all sorts of fun things to do. There are matching cards, numbers, letter sounds, colors, rhyming words, and even musical instruments.

Another Thomas Deal!

If you don't know, my daughter LOVES Thomas the Train. I am always on the look out for Thomas the Train deals. I recently came across this deal on You can get this cute little Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas Delivery set for only $17.99!

You can also use ShopatHome for 4% cash back, Ebates for 6% cash back or Upromise for 5% cash back

Thomas the Train and Sale

If you have a Thomas the Train fan in your house you will want to check out the sale going on over at Right now they have these 2 piece train sets for only $9.99 + $5 shipping. If you order at least 2 it is definitely worth the price and for most of them just buying one is better than any online price I could find. We all know how expensive Thomas the Trains stuff is. Lucky for me, I picked up a few items from the Target toy clearance that should get me through until Christmas.

Have you found any other good Thomas the Train deals recently?